STYLE GURU BIO: Marisa Maite

Hi fashion gurus!

As someone who likes to be stylish but does not like spending a lot of time getting ready, my style revolves around a few key simple pieces that showcase my personality. The outfit seen here is perfect for a variety of occasions, as it is cute and casual at the same time. The shirt I’m wearing is a trending style and can be found at various stores. My specific shirt was bought from a boutique called One Love Yoga, which is located near my college.

I wore two small necklaces to coordinate with the basic shirt.  The necklaces, like the shirt, have small, subtle details. The shorter necklace I’m wearing is from Madewell, and it is probably my favorite necklace. It has three adjustable lengths so that it works with a variety of outfits. The longer necklace is from a art fair I went to last year. The circular shape contrasts with the arrow shape of the shorter necklace.

My jeans are from Abercrombie & Fitch, and they are a similar style to most of my jeans, which have the two rips on the knees. I prefer to wear tighter jeans to compliment the big, loose shirt I am wearing, but these jeans are stretchy and they are still comfortable! My purse is from Urban Outfitters, and small detail of the fringe makes the basic outfit more interesting, while keeping it simple and sophisticated. My shoes add a hint of pattern to the overall outfit, and they incorporate colors seen in the other pieces, like gray and black. The sandals are from Target, and I found them on sale for five dollars! Clearly, an outfit does not need to be expensive in order to be cute.