STYLE GURU BIO: Marisa Casciano

Hi friends! I’m Marisa and this is my third semester being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! Aside from being obsessed with Taylor Swift, green tea and tator tots, I am a Journalism major at Quinnipiac University with an Art minor. I have my own fashion and lifestyle website, can rock a pair of TOMS and my style is anything between bohemian, hipster and feminine.

Last semester I sadly left the CF family for an unreal semester abroad in Florence, Italy. Being surrounded by the chicest of European fashion is something that constantly inspired me and made me dream of what is out there for my closet, my style and the fashion industry itself. Italian girls just own their outfits. They constantly rock sporty kicks, a neutral color palette and a whole lot of scarves.

I like to think that being surrounded by these fashion queens and kings changed the way I look at fashion. My outfits are different (feat. oversized cardigans), my favorite brands are different (shout out to ZARA) and even the reason why I fell in love with fashion has changed. It’s no longer about the fancy dresses made by designer names. Now it’s about YOU. Street style and the everyday Fashionistas/os of the world have taken over. They’re inspiring designers to create looks that are comfortable, chic and unique. And we get to be a part of it, which is even cooler.

This semester I’m hoping to find these street stylists that surround me everyday and have that touch of European fashion that I fell in love with in the past four months. The ones that, like me, try to combine all the elements of comfort, simplicity and chic.

Stay tuned Fashionistas/os and see you soon!