Hello again College Fashionista/os! My name is Marina Dove and I am a senior at Old Dominion University. This will be my second semester as a Style Guru, and i couldn’t be more excited to share how my style has evolved over the past year!

I am studying fashion merchandising, and I am hoping to go back to school for my Master’s in economic issues or sustainable fashion. This is super important to me because we as trendsetters and consumers need to realize how much of an impact we have on our beloved planet Earth just by the clothing and the things we purchase! My dream is to make that so desperately needed change for our world!

As a child, I moved around a bit from different homes to different schools. And, of course, with that came a lot of moving in between different friend groups in my early years. After a while this became something that was really hard for me, to just open up and express who I was, what I liked to do and even what type of person I am. So I began to find the way to express myself through the clothing I chose. There was also this creative side of me that I was really wanting to pull out of myself.

After playing the violin, watching my mother paint and draw beautiful pieces while she watched the Today show so casually, I really wanted something like that for myself. I found not only my creative self but I found myself in fashion. Fashion makes me question myself in all of the right ways and I am truly grateful that I found something that helps me to express myself in all the creative and personal ways I have longed for.

My go-to pieces are literally ANYTHING gray, black or navy blue. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good color combination, but those three colors just have my heart for good! My grays, blacks and navy’s need to have an eclectic edge to them though.

This black fringe vest is becoming a favorite layering piece of mine as well as my new super thick, jersey gray dress with a perfect cold shoulder.

And I can never say no to a good bootie! I am known to wear booties all year-round; they are just perfect for everything! When I’m not out working, shopping or shopping online, you can find me cuddling up with my cat and drinking a warm tea or you can find me looking for beautiful places to take pictures. I am an avid photo taker, I’m known to take the detour just for the perfect shot. Some may say that this may be a pointless action but I say I’m always looking to take pictures wherever I go because every photo is a small memory and point in time that you’ll never get back. So I say treasure it.