STYLE GURU BIO: Marina Burke

STYLE GURU BIO: Marina Burke

Hey guys! I’m Marina, a freshman public relations major at the University of Florida. I’m a lover of fashion, digital and film photography, and of course—chocolate. It’s such an honor to have you reading my very first Style Guru Bio with CollegeFashionsita. There are no words to describe how ecstatic I am about being part of the guru gang, and having the opportunity to combine my passions for writing, photography, and style in this blog!

Photography has been an important part of my life since I can remember, having grown up taking pictures of the surfers and skaters around me in my coastal hometown. It’s my favorite way to channel creativity, and I love the idea of being able to capture the world as I see it from behind the lens. That being said, modeling on the other hand is WAY out of my comfort zone and gives me none of the satisfaction described above. Regardless, I tried to embrace the discomfort when posing for the photos for this article. I’ve decided to make a point in 2017 to conquer something that challenges me daily, because why not?

For this look I really wanted to go with something everyday, fun, but still a little edgy. I paired a mauve off-the-shoulder top with classic high wasted jeans and a simple princess length necklace. I’ve been super into minimal jewelry lately and feel as if one or two low key pieces alone can really complete a look! Having my hair out of my face showcased both the top and necklace for a simple yet sophisticated vibe. Half-up half-down ponytails have been my go-to. They’re super cute and can even turn a bad hair day around! I chose the mauve top for this look because it’s gorgeous on so many skin tones and hair colors, and you can never go wrong with black—ever. To dress it up a bit, and because I have a serious obsession, I finished the outfit with some suede cut-out booties.

I really hope you enjoyed the look and found some inspiration within it! I put a lot of thought into creating something that expressed my own style, but was also versatile and easy to put together.  Make sure to keep up with me on social media, it’s going to be such a RAD semester!