STYLE GURU BIO: Marianna Torres

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Marianna Torres and I am a sophomore at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My love for fashion began in 2003 when What Not to Wear made its television premiere on TLC. This inspiration is what made me decide to be a marketing major and integrate myself in the world of fashion and business.

In middle school, I was known as the “flower child” in my group of friends. I had a pretty extensive collection of bell-bottoms, feathered accessories and headbands. And let’s not forget the peace sign pins I had on my polka dotted backpack. “Far out” fashion was what I was all about those days.

As I got older, however, I ditched the peace signs and went instead for a relaxed boho vibe. Shout out to Vanessa Hudgens for serving major festival and boho-chic style at every Coachella, especially in 2011. Hudgens changing the way I looked at fashion completely. Granted, I have loved her since High School Musical, but in 2011, she became my style icon.

I began wearing flowing maxi skirts, detailed peasant tops and heaps of rings. Not only did I take inspiration from Hudgens, but from my culture as well. Being raised by Puerto Rican parents has ensured that my wardrobe would have a dash of sea salt style. As a result, I upped my game in the beachwear as street style and embraced the freedom that clothing provided me. It was comfortable, plus I could eat as many empanadas as my heart desired without a soul being able to tell.

Then, the skinny jean came along and I think everyone’s life changed. Finding the perfect skinny jean can be intimidating, especially if you’re petite like me! I’m barely reaching five feet, so searching for jeans that don’t cover me from waist to toe is an expedition I’d rather take a rain check on. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I discovered that American Eagle Outfitters had jeans made in “short” sizes. Finally, I owned jeans that hit right at the ankle and not the floor. In my outfit, I wore light wash jeggings. I’m more of a dark denim kind of girl, but these jeans are lightweight which is perfect for the spring and summer.

Summer and fall are my favorite seasons, but I tend to favor summer more. Since, I’m built for tropical weather. Bright colors are always trendy during summer, and this year I’m obsessed with orange. Truly, my orange ankle strap heels are the pop of color every outfit needs. The shoes match my orange and turquoise peasant top perfectly. To add the finishing touches, my makeup look has a very natural, peachy glow with a pop of aqua eye shadow below the lash line.

Being a marketing major at Temple means that I might have to swap my peasant tops for blazers. Luckily, I still have the weekends.