STYLE GURU BIO: Mariana Pantelidis

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey fashion lovers! I am Mariana Pantelidis, a student at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management studying finance and marketing. I am so flattered, thrilled and anxious to be working with CollegeFashionista to offer my insight on fashion tips and trends. Growing up in New York City, I have always been exposed to an eclectic assortment of tastes and styles. Each neighborhood in New York embodies a different style sense: the trendy East Village, bohemian Soho, preppy Upper East Side and colorful Chelsea.

Every since I was young, I expressed an interest in fashion and beauty, whether it was smearing my mother’s lipstick all over my tiny, young face or wobbling around our old downtown apartment in her high heels. Going to a school with a strict uniform policy from second grade to senior year restricted me from expressing my fashion sense, so going to college and having the privilege to wear whatever I want has been exciting, new and slightly nerve-wracking. I am sure that there are multiple other girls and boys who feel that same anxiety every morning when sifting through their closets trying to pick out an appropriate outfit. All eyes are always on us, so a unique fashion sense not only portrays part of our personalities but also gives off a certain first impression.

Fearing that pursuing studies in a business environment would restrict me from chasing my Fashionista dreams, I immediately was drawn to joining CollegeFashionista’s journey. This blog will give me an opportunity to share my fashion sense and tips with fellow Boston College students and others outside of the BC community. Check in with me every Wednesday for your weekly fashion updates on how to bring New York City street style to your campus!