STYLE GURU BIO: Mariana Alvarez

My name is Mariana Alvarez; I am crazy about style and clothes, and that is the one thing I know for sure. I’m originally from Medellin, Colombia, a beautiful city in South America where looking good is a requirement. Due to my love for fashion, I decided to go after it for real, so I am currently majoring in fashion marketing and management at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This means I live in the wonderful city of Savannah, Georgia, under the shadows of lovely trees and a perfectly vintage scenario.

As I often say, getting dressed is my religion. It is the one thing I know for sure will happen every morning, and now as a fashion major, I have no other choice than to take advantage of those fashionable instincts inside me. Yes, I still wear sweatpants and stay in my pajamas, just in a very Sex and the City way. Just like Carrie Bradshaw and a lot of you out there, my closet is my biggest investment, my collection and my soul. I own every piece because it is either wonderful or it was on sale!

Fashion has always been part of my life; it was introduced to me by my mom as the “art of looking always good and appropriate.” To be honest, I just recently realized that fashion is now and will continue to become the main part of my life and my career (as if my addiction to it wasn’t enough already). I’m happy to say that whenever I’m getting ready, even if it is to go grocery shopping, I’m enjoying every moment of it. The way I dress is not only that, it is the very true reflection of my personality and the most successful way of expressing myself.

As a young Style Guru, I can only advise those things I have learned and proved to be true. Fashion is a great way of having fun and getting to know yourself. Less is always more. Classy is King. When in doubt, always wear black. Labels are not important—style is.