STYLE GURU BIO: Mariam Nouser

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Mariam Nouser

Hey beauties! It’s Mariam, your neutral color loving, modest Fashionista based in Toronto (aka the 6ix as Drake calls it) and I am one of the Style Guru’s for the fall 2016 semester!

As an Arab-Canadian girl who dresses modestly, I love showcasing my outfit ideas as a form of individuality and self-expression. I hope to bring my unique style here on collegefashionista and show that just because one chooses to cover up, they don’t necessarily have to look frumpy. I’m all about giving a woman the freedom of choosing what she wants to wear as to me, fashion is a form of creative liberation and expression.

My start into being invested into fashion and beauty world came when I was younger. As an only child at the time and being able to observe my mother’s impeccable and classic style, I was intrigued by how carefully thought out from her earrings to her shirt to her shoes. From there, I was inspired to carefully think out my outfits, while remaining modest in my clothing. A lot of women are always taught that modest fashion isn’t cute but hey, I can make it cute!

Who is Mariam? Well..I am studying industrial engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship I have my own graphic T-shirt and soon-to-be accessory brand Infinitely Classic. I speak five languages: Spanish, Arabic, French and Portuguese in addition to English. Some other random facts about me include: Neutrals, Florals, Monochrome, Button-ups, Trenchcoats, Oxfords, Rings

I look forward to a #RAD semester with you all as one of the Style Gurus!