STYLE GURU BIO: Mari Hinchley

Bonjour, mes amies!

I’m Mari and I’m about to embark on my junior year at Columbia College Chicago. I’m studying broadcast journalism with a minor in radio—but I feel that there is no fine line in what I want to do with my life—I want to do it all—write a book, work in music broadcasting, own a golden retriever dog by the name of Bowie—the options are truly endless.

Some of my talents include, but are not limited to: buying things that I absolutely don’t need, working out for two weeks and then abandoning that project all together, holding an extensive amount of music trivia knowledge that may get me nowhere in life and writing. I’d like to think of myself as a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw…without a column of her own and no Mr. Big because come on! What was so great about him anyway? #TeamAiden forever!

I’m a fiend when it comes to fashion—I seek inspiration from just about anywhere. Mostly from musicians who I obsess over; if I could be cloaked in Stevie Nicks’ bell-sleeved laces, Prince’s platform boots (seriously, I could use the height) to Keith Richards’ intricate scarves and skull rings, not only would that outfit be extraordinary, but I would never take it off. I also obsess over the styles of Charli XCX and her love of ’90s nostalgia (I own a pair of platform sneakers like hers, and I could LIVE in them) to Alexa Chung and Francoise Hardy (my winged eyeliner queens.)

But at the end of the day, what makes my style mine is that you wear something, not only because it looks good on you, but because you feel like a badass in it! You know you’re rocking it and that’s all that matters. I’ve gone through many phases of trying to figure out what works for me in style—the prep, the wears-yoga-pants-every day, even one where I would wear flared jeans with a Van Halen shirt every Friday of my sixth-grade year—these were dark times, but they didn’t last, thankfully. 

Here’s to a summer full of fabulousness!