STYLE GURU BIO: Mara Davanzati

Hi, all! My name is Mara Davanzati, and I am so excited to be a part of CollegeFashionista as a style guru this summer! During the school year I attend Kent State University, while running back and forth to a small town just north of Pittsburgh. This summer, I am going to be bringing you the latest trends from every day casual, to a night out, a vacation and let’s not forget about festival fashion! I’ll be attending Firefly in June and writing to you live from the festival.

I’ve always been interested in fashion, but the day I knew I wanted to be in the industry was when I stepped into an Urban Outfitters at 10 years old. I was so fascinated with the contemporary design of everything, and how it was unlike any clothing store my young self had experienced. I have a huge thing for aesthetic and design. One of my many dreams is to design store floors, with the addition of opening my own some day.

I always have a little trouble explaining my personal style when it comes down to a few words. So let’s just say I look for timeless design and add my own bit of flair. Personal style to me is more than fast-fashion; it’s about finding those key elements you’ll be able to treasure and not throw away after a couple of wears. I think I really started coming into this belief when I began college, unable to afford constantly shopping. A couple of items I cannot live without include my grandmother’s class ring, my Herschel backpack, my trusty Birkenstocks and many, many hats. I love lush gardens, sun flares, exposed brick and hand-lettering.

I hope you enjoy reading my weekly articles and check back for the latest every Wednesday!