STYLE GURU BIO: Mallory Walker

May 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hi there, Fastionistas/os! My name is Mallory and I’m a student at the second oldest college in the nation; the good ol’ College of William and Mary. I just finished up my sophomore year (yikes, I feel old) pursuing a degree in Film and Media Studies. I’m new to CollegeFashionista and I can’t express how pumped I am to join the Style Guru family.
I’d say my love for fashion began in kindergarten when I refused for months to wear anything but dresses and stretchy pants to school. Since then, my style has become a bit more refined, though I still prefer to avoid real pants whenever possible. Especially with the summer heat, my current go-to is definitely a flowy dress like this one from Urban Outfitters. All I did was throw on a pair of Chelsea boots and my favorite necklace to pull the look together without adding layers that’ll leave me sweating. Just because I like to keep things simple every once in while doesn’t mean I love a well put together outfit, ya dig?

Because of my major, I spend a lot of time watching films and learning about different forms of media, so there’s no doubt that a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from the computer and television screens. Pinterest and Tumblr have become great influences, with street style only a click away. When it comes to film characters, Margot Tennenbaum of the The Royal Tennenbaums is my biggest inspiration. She takes simplicity to the next level and always looks incredibly cool in everything she wears.

Though I spend most of the year at school in the lovely town of Williamsburg, Virginia, my summer will be spent in my hometown located a hop, skip and jump away from Baltimore. Being so close to a major city has set me up for an incredible opportunity; I’ll be spending my summer interning at Girl’s Life magazine. I’m stoked to be in an office environment where not only fashion is a big deal but where I’ll have the opportunity to be writing about my favorite trends. Plus, there’s no doubt that spending days in Baltimore will expose me to some very fashionable individuals. And with so many of my friends located up and down the East Coast, you guys will certainly be coming with me on my travels to see what Fashionista/os have to offer elsewhere. Check back here every Friday for more!