STYLE GURU BIO: Makenna Kovach

Hello fellow Fashionista/os! Makenna Kovach here! This will be my third time blogging as a Style Guru but my first summer internship with CollegeFashionista. I am so stoked to be a part of the team for round three and share all of my insights in the college fashion world!

Growing up, I was considered fashion-forward; even my Pampers had style. My mom taught me everything I know about fashion, or as parents say, “being hip.” I’ve always had a keen eye for clothing and how it is put together. Many of my friends count on me for styling advice. I’ve been told I see fashion as an art, and I have always caught a good deal. I get more excited when I shop my favorite brands than when I see a gorgeous guy the first day of Econ class! The Devil Wears Prada turned me to the bright side of fashion (or possibly the dark side of spending).

I find myself surfing Pinterest, online fashion blogs, my favorite clothing stores and scrolling through fashion Instagrams every day to discover the latest runway trends and find style inspiration. My style idols include Coco Chanel, Blake Lively and blog enthusiast Paola Alberdi, creator of Blank Itinerary. “No rules” is my style motto. I love chic minimalism with an edge. Like my mood ring, my #styleinspo changes every day. You’ll often find me strutting various looks. In this spotlight appearance, my top highlights the chic style while my Stan Smith sneakers bring in the edge. Retro sunglasses are essential for pulling my attire together.

My best friend and I have come together to create our own blog, @twofemmes, focusing on style trends across the country. I’m also featured as a model of street-style trends for other blogs.

No matter what time of day, I’ll be constantly researching to keep you up-to-date on style cultures. Join me the 15th of every month as I take on the challenge of a Style Guru!