School is back in session and so is fun fall fashion! Our summer break is over, unfortunately. However, this means that we can start fresh with a new year of adventures! Go check out my previous STYLE GURU BIO for more details, but I am the same little Fashionista I always have been.

With summer ending and fall coming in, the weather is still substantially warm, so I love to wear black dresses in the beginning of fall because they keep you cool. At the same time, the black absorbs the sunny rays to keep you comfortably warm. I love the dress I am wearing because it is comfy and the back is super cute.

With a simple dress like this, I like to spice it up with some accessories. The sunglasses are super casual and cute and go with practically anything in my wardrobe. The Y-necklace I am wearing looks best with mock-neck tops, so I decided to style it with this mock-neck bodycon dress.

Since we won’t have warm weather for much longer, I always try to wear sandals with my outfits for as long as possible before it gets too cold out. The sandals really compliment the back of the dress, which I absolutely LOVE.

Lastly, the lips. I think my favorite part about fall fashion is mixing in my darker lipstick. The shade I am wearing is from the Kate Moss collection and it goes with any shade of red you are wearing. Don’t ask me how, it just does!

So basically if there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I love finding “staple” accessories. I love getting my money’s worth out of everything I purchase so if there is anything you saw in my post you are debating on getting, just get it. I promise you will not regret it!

I am SO excited to be styling with you guys for my favorite fashion season and I wish you all a great school year!