STYLE GURU BIO: Maggie Dillard

Hello my fellow fashion fanatics! I’m Maggie Dillard and I’m a junior at the University of West Georgia. I’m an English major and a Mass Communications/Journalism minor. I have big dreams of pursuing a life filled to the brim with books, big cities and all things related to fashion and writing.

Growing up with a mom who graduated college with a degree in fashion merchandising, I was never short of a wardrobe filled with hundreds of outfits to mix and match. But, it wasn’t truly until my last few years of high school that her love of fashion began to rub off on me the most. I started to really appreciate the sequins, sparkles, faux fur and leather, and the accessories began to mean so much more than just something I wore around my wrist or neck. I started to use them to actually express who I was instead of simply just to dress up an outfit. During my senior year, I presented myself with a challenge to envision the hallways of my high school as a runway, and wear something unique, different and fashionable each day. I ended up winning the “Best Dressed” senior superlative, and I wore a cream faux fur jacket embellished with gold sequins, dark denim jeans and apricot Tory Burch flats in my picture for the yearbook. At the time, my Instagram feed was 30 percent people I actually knew, and 70 percent celebrities, bloggers and designers as my attempt at soaking up as much fashion inspiration as possible. I took all that I absorbed with me into college, and now three years later, I continue to make that same challenge to myself on a daily basis as I have finally established that the world is my runway, and what you wear should echo who you are every. single. day.

Just as I’ve always loved pairing the perfect shoe with the perfect handbag and adding the perfect shade of lipstick to make for a perfect outfit, I’ve also always loved writing. I started my blog, A Simple Hallelujah, almost a year ago. I’ve been writing about everything from make-up and fashion, to my celebrity inspirations, to my trip to New York City. I’ve loved every second of the time I’ve spent posting for my own pleasure. So, when I heard about CollegeFashionista, it sounded like a real dream job. I plan to use this opportunity as an outlet to continue growing, learning and creating myself through this fashion experience in an effort to make my dreams come true.

Now that I’ve found the two things that I’m the most passionate about, I’m incredibly excited to watch them collide right before my eyes. I’m not totally sure what is going to happen, but I can guarantee, it’s going to be fashionably magical.