STYLE GURU BIO: Maggie Arfman

Hi Fashionista/os! My name is Maggie Arfman and I am a freshman majoring in Fashion Merchandising at Georgia Southern University. I am so excited to be returning for my second semester as a Style Guru and I cannot wait to kick off 2015 with some street style spotting and writing on campus!

Last semester was my first semester at college and here’s the thing: college is awesome. I absolutely fell in love with it. I have met so many incredible people and I have learned so much about myself and the ways of the world. Oh, and I learned in school too. However, I think the most important thing I’ve learned so far is how to do my laundry (just kidding, or am I?). Anyway, I am very thankful for all the experiences I’ve had so far and I am glad CollegeFashionista has been a part of my first year at Georgia Southern!

Now, being at college for the past six months in a town even more southern than the town I grew up in, my style has definitely evolved: I have been exposed to more camouflage that I ever thought imaginable and I have learned to embrace the culture around me and incorporate southern flare into my personal style. My outfit in these photos is no exception. My witty graphic tee reads, “what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this?” and I paired it with a brown leather skirt. I am also wearing a long striped vest, high socks, booties and a black hat. My graphic tee and high socks give off a trendy vibe, while the brown leather skirt, long cardigan, booties and black hat radiate southern flare—a mix of styles into one single look. Cue the classic Hannah Montana song, “Mix it all together and you know you get the best of both worlds.” Yes, I just used a Hannah Montana song to describe my style.

Thank you all so much for reading! Please check back every Wednesday for new posts of Fashionista/os from Georgia Southern and if you want to see more of my style, check out my personal style blog. I cannot wait for the 2015 semester to begin!