January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Oh how good it feels to be returning for yet another great semester to come with the CollegeFashionista family! As my time as an undergraduate student is coming to an end, much quicker than expected, I am honored to be a Style Guru while attending my last semester at the University of Missouri.

While spending a portion of my time with CollegeFashionista writing about Fashionistas/os in the windy city aka Chicago, I am thrilled to be moving my search to the University of Missouri or as I like to call it, my home away from home. There will be lots going on in Columbia this semester, which can only mean those Fashionistas/os will be looking their best across campus throughout the entire semester. Though Columbia, Missouri isn’t as large of a city as Chicago, there are definitely still students all over town showing off their style. Whether it be at a football game, gallery exhibit, at class or a day out in town, there are always Fashionistas/os to be found on campus or throughout town.

Growing up with a family full of photographers always made me want to follow a career path where I could express my creativity on a daily basis. From day one, I knew I would never make it at a 9 to 5 job where I sat in a cubical staring at a computer screen all day. It was then in high school that I really became interested in fashion. The fact that I no longer had to wear my older sisters’ hand-me-downs probably had something to do with wanting to express my own personal style. I wouldn’t say I fit into a certain type of style necessarily when it comes to clothing. I tend to mix and match a lot of styles, but personally Free People, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom are the stores that always seem to have pieces I love. Layering is a daily part of my attire, and I must say during the winter an oversized sweater is typically repeated in my wardrobe.

With this being my second run as a Style Guru, I plan to take what I have learned previously and apply it to my articles for this semester. I cannot wait to start showcasing the wonderful Fashionistas/os at the University of Missouri and show off what they have to offer.