STYLE GURU BIO: Madisyn DeSieno

Hey! I’m Madisyn DeSieno and I am a last semester senior at DeSales University, but a first semester Style Guru! I am a firm believer that your daily style can influence your mood and set the tone for your entire day. A student’s outfit choice, as they stumble out of bed preparing for their 8 a.m., can influence their positive vibes, and start a chain reaction across campus. As Fashionistas/os, we have a responsibility to spread positivity and love to our fellow classmates and what better way to do that then through our style.

Here in Center Valley Pennsylvania, you will get a little taste of every kind of weather, forcing the average Fashionista’s closet to be packed with their entire wardrobe. We’re prepared for a blizzard one day and a heat wave the next. Especially in the spring semester, the temperature bounces back and forth constantly, so we have to be on our toes at all times, while still paying homage to the current trends. The classic combos and innovative styles displayed here on campus, in any weather, is exactly what has inspired me to become a Style Guru.

When it comes to my personal style, I am definitely a minimalist. I am constantly teased for my unbreakable relationship with all things black. I love to rock white and neutrals while adding a hint of gold wherever I can. I have a passion for thrifting and finding amazing pieces that don’t break the average college student’s budget.  I admit to splurging, once in a while, to find those perfect, “timeless,” statement pieces, that can elevate any look. I like to change up my style from day to day, sporting a flannel around my waist with a pair of Dr. Martens one day, pulling a 180 with a classy blazer the next, and finishing off the week with a full on hippie-inspired ensemble. I always find ways to add some simple, dainty pieces of jewelry that have become part of my signature style, which I think every girl should find and have.

I find that styling, and seeking the beauty in other people’s creations, is where my heart lies. Combining pieces from completely different designers and mixing and matching until I create the perfect look, during my daily morning closet raid, is by far the best start to any day. Being able to capture the amazing outfits that my classmates show off, and not just compliment their style choices in my head, is a dream come true.