STYLE GURU BIO: Madison Schott

June 2nd, 2016 at 2:10am

Who else is ready for sunshine, leisurely reads, trips to the beach and colorful bikinis? I know I am! So far my summer has consisted of running my second half marathon, reading books on data (yes, I love math), sewing clothing for my Etsy shop and catching up on lots of sleep. Not only am I excited for what other things this summer has in store, but I am thrilled to be joining College Fashionista for a summer full of style.

I will be spending the majority of my summer in New York City where I will be working as an intern for one of my favorite fashion brands. Not only will I be showcasing city style in my upcoming posts, but also the outfits I see along the Jersey Shore and white sand beaches of the Bahamas.

While in the city I plan to attend as many free concerts as possible, as well as test out new fitness classes and yummy eats. Since I will be an intern, I will constantly be on-the-go between work and play. A typical outfit of mine will be not only business casual, but appropriate for running around in the hot summer heat. Have you ever been on the New York City subway in the middle of the summer? If you have, then you understand exactly why it is necessary to cut out as many layers of clothing as you can.

Here I am wearing one of my favorite black skirts; a staple in any intern’s summer wardrobe. This skirt is business casual yet can be paired with a leather jacket and crop top in preparation for a night out. My white button-up is cropped, making it more youthful and trendy compared to your traditional business button-up. Just make sure to pair this with high-waisted bottoms when sporting it to work!

Last but not least, I slid into my staple little black booties. Confidence is key to succeeding in any job and these shoes give me just that. I am a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel the best about yourself. Whether you have a summer internship like myself, or will be hitting the beach everyday, wear whatever gives you the confidence to make the most of your summer.