STYLE GURU BIO: Madesyn Lynch

At first glance, I am a very different person than one might expect. I started out as a ballerina with all the glitter and tulle that went along with it. Somewhere along the way I became something my friends would tease me as a contradiction: a ballerina with tattoos and piercings and wearing my combat boots to dress rehearsals.

I am a tattoo and piercing aficionado. I have 12 different piercings and three tattoos with many more on the way. Both my parents and the whole side of my dad’s family are covered in tattoos, so it was always a given I would get to do the same. Along with this crazy family, they have given me a wonderful music education that I have since expanded and love everything from Lit to Taylor Swift.

Ever since I learned the alphabet, I have been writing and telling stories. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I have always found a story to be told, whether that was with my toys when I was younger or finding a story when no one had any ideas when I wrote for the newspaper in high school. I love writing articles and style blog posts, but I also love writing short stories, novels and poems.

I have always lived in places that have an amazing plethora of outdoor activities. I love hiking and camping and swimming and all other things that go along with that. I have been snowboarding since I was in grade school and have since then also learned how to wake board. I love the ocean and all water and being able to swim and have since earned the nickname Mermaid Mads.