STYLE GURU BIO: Madeline Dooney

Hello! My name is Madeline and I’m an advertising student at Penn State. I have always had an intense love for art, and fashion is an outlet for me to express myself artistically every day. My definition of style is when you are wearing something that you feel unique and comfortable in without feeling like you are conforming to trends.

Some of my favorite go-to pieces that I wear often are oversized jackets, high waisted black jeans, comfy vans, and my old English name necklace. I’m always drawn to looks that are outside of the box, or looks that have been modernized from past decades. One look that I’ve been obsessing over lately is fishnet. It’s easy to incorporate into nighttime fashion, and adds a unique flare to casual daytime looks by wearing a pair of sheer socks with sneakers or boots. Shopping at vintage and thrift stores is one of my favorite ways to get unique pieces. Rifling through endless amounts of used clothes to find something that fits you perfectly is a challenge, but there’s no better feeling than coming across a $3 jean jacket that you know you’ll wear forever.

My goal is to work in the field of creative advertising within the world of fashion and beauty. I want to build a knowledge of design and aesthetic that will eventually assist me in developing my own portfolio of work. My ultimate aspiration is to integrate my fashion experience into the food industry and open up my own restaurant.

Adam Selman, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy are a few of my creative inspirations in fashion. I admire designers who’s authenticity is rooted in their rebellion against industry norms.

I enjoy using my personal style as a way of expressing my individuality and creative spirit. I am looking forward to sharing it with the CollegeFashionista community!