STYLE GURU BIO: Madeleine Schlosser

January 7th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello my fashionable friends! This marks the beginning of my sixth and final semester as a Tulane Style Guru. I can hardly believe that the end of my days as a college student is approaching, a realization that brings both excitement (goodbye forever finals!) and early onset mourning for the loss of mid-day naps and weeknight parties. While I’m still in the process of making my post-grad plans, I’m hoping that they will involve a big city and a job that relates to my passion for fashion or love of writing.

After looking back at my past STYLE GURU BIOS, it’s clear to me how much I’ve grown since my start at CollegeFashionista. By grown, I don’t mean my height (I still proudly stand at 5′ 2″), but rather an evolution in my personal style and writing. Part of the change came just from maturing, but I believe it’s mostly thanks to the many Fashionistas and fashion influencers I was exposed to throughout the years. Whether my inspiration came from researching runway trends for an article, following my Style Guru girl crushes on Instagram or my increased awareness of students’ outfits on campus, I was able to see what was out there in the fashion world and try it for myself.

Being exposed to an endless variety of styles has strengthened my belief that there is no one aesthetic for me. Some days I’m obsessing over the adventurous bohemian outfits I found on Pinterest, while others I’m infatuated with the Saint Laurent’s glam rock & roll looks. Recently I’ve been gravitating towards minimalism, most likely because of how easy it makes my morning routine, and I’ve also been loving the ’70s trend that’s moved from the runways to the streets.

My outfit is a mix of a few different styles which I suppose is the most accurate description of my personal aesthetic. I love anything denim, so when I found this shearling denim jacket for under $100 I was thrilled, though not quite as excited as I was about the amazing price I got on this black Valentino purse. Although my white sneakers or simple black boots are my usual go-to shoes, I had to show off my favorite new red booties. Because the shoes are such a statement piece, I chose to wear a simple black turtleneck tank and white leather skirt under my jacket. Shoutout to the unusually warm weather in Boston for making this outfit possible in late December.

As sad as I am to be almost done writing for CollegeFashionista, I can’t wait to search for and show off the best of Tulane’s Fashionistas this semester!