STYLE GURU BIO: Madalynn Marinkov

Hello readers! My name is Madalynn Marinkov and I am a sophomore at Kent State University. I am currently majoring in fashion merchandising with a minor in international business. Kent State is the Mecca of stylish Fashionistas and Fashionistos because of the amazing fashion school, so I am beyond excited to bring that influence to CollegeFashionista this semester.

I am from Cleveland, Ohio and found my love of fashion from the city, the people and the endless amount of thrift shops in my area. I love spending a Saturday digging through the basement of a boutique, looking for hidden gems with my mother. The history of the fashion industry, where it is today and where it is heading is so invigorating for me. The pieces that every person chooses to put an outfit together instantly expresses so much about them, without even needing an explanation. Fashion is so interesting in how the industry continues to change and reinvent itself correlating with the fast paced world we live in.

As far as my personal style goes, I have always been one to keep an eye on trends, while trying to change it up to show my own flair. I love to dare with my style, mixing prints and colors or seeing what catches someones eye. We live in our clothes, so why not make it fresh and fun every day? You can usually see me running around on campus in a T-shirt dress, my camo jacket (which my family is tired of seeing me in) and my favorite pair of classic black adidas. There is nothing better than being comfortable in an outfit and being able to wear it day or night.

An endless amount of my current inspiration in my school work, outfits and daily life comes from my fellow students at Kent State. I cannot wait to give some Fashionistas/os the spotlight here on CollegeFashionista and contribute to an amazing community.

I am so excited to get started on my first semester with CollegeFashionista, and hope that you check in every month and read my articles. It’s going to be a great semester, let’s style on together!