January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Macy Eleni Harris, and I am fashion addict, a problem that I will never seek help for. Fashion runs through my veins and thinking of clothes makes my heart race. I am a senior at Ohio University studying Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development, having also dabbled a bit in Journalism.

I, like most Fashionistas, have had a love for fashion since I was a young girl, playing dress up and flipping through fashion magazines. Yet, I can pinpoint the exact day I decided that fashion was my life. It was my junior year of high school, and I was sitting in a seminar room at Teen Vogue’s Fashion University being spoken to by the iconic editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour herself. I couldn’t help but just stare at her, in awe of her poise and talent. I went through that whole weekend attending different seminars taught by bloggers, designers, editors, models and just knew it was the place for me. I had found my home amongst complete strangers in magical New York City. On the plane back to Ohio that Sunday all I could do was think about how I, a 17-year-old girl living in a basic suburb, could put myself out there and be a part of the fabulous fashion world. I decided to start up my own fashion and beauty YouTube channel. I fell in love with entertaining people while talking to them about different trends and makeup brands. Over the past couple of years my channel has evolved. I now focus mainly on daily vlogging, fashion hauls and look books. I see this internship with CollegeFashionista as an amazing opportunity to show people that even though Athens, Ohio is the tiniest of towns, Ohio University is bursting at the seems with budding Fashionistas/os, whose outfits I cannot wait to bring to life through my articles.

It was very difficult for me to pick just one outfit to showcase in this post, because my style changes from day-to-day. Monday I could channel Blair Waldorf sporting Tiffany & Co. and a classic bag. Come Tuesday I could be donning a pair of sunnies that cover my entire face and flowy pants like Rachel Zoe. For this outfit I chose to mix the ’90s goth, grunge trend I’ve been loving with a touch of a boho feel. I paired a chunky sweater dress with thigh-high socks and thick black booties. I topped the look off with an Evil Eye chocker necklace courtesy of my little and a classic floppy hat.

I am so excited to bring you all the amazing trends I see on campus this spring semester! If the students of OU are known for anything it’s being different and fun! Make sure to check back every Tuesday to see what bobcat’s outfit of the day I am featuring, and until then, stay stylish.