January 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello there! I’m Lydia Chan, a Magazine Journalism major with a minor in English & Textual Studies in Syracuse University. This is my very first semester interning for CollegeFashionista and I’m super excited to be bringing you winter trends from our snowy campus.

Ever since I started dressing up my Barbie dolls, I’ve always subconsciously been a huge fan of fashion. While I did go through an awkward chubby stage as a tween, a certain episode of That’s So Raven made me realize that size should not affect my style. Since then, I started my real style adventure and haven’t looked back since! While I daydream of days when I’ll be dressed head-to-toe in Chanel or Elie Saab, for now, I look to every day street-stylers, which is what led me to CollegeFashionista! I truly believe that everyone is their own trendsetter and that there’s no better crowd to pick up stylish tips from than every day Fashionistas/os.

I’m originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; a country that is well known for its tropical weather all-year-around and average 80° temperatures. So, moving to snowy Syracuse was a BIG transition. As someone who’s normally clad in cropped tops and skater skirts, it was definitely a shock to my style system! However, I realize that rather than it being a dent in my daily wardrobe, it gave me a chance to explore a whole different side of fashion (and to go shopping!) – fall and winter fashion. So, there went all my short-shorts and flip flops and soon, my closet was filled to the brim with sweaters, fleece-lined leggings, a whole lot of knitted scarves and too many boots to count! Going back to Syracuse this spring is definitely going to be an interesting experience, as it would mark my first snow-filled semester. As nervous as I am about really delving into my winter wardrobe, I’m also slightly excited to see how I adapt my summer-like style to the wintry weather.

As a first-time Style Guru intern, I really look forward to style snapping Syracuse’s stylish set. So Fashionistas/os, brace yourself for the Upstate cold but don’t forget be true to your stylish self and work the winter and spring trends!