STYLE GURU BIO: Lucy Beth Scherschligt

January 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello everyone! I’m Lucy Beth Scherschligt and I’m currently a sophomore at DePaul University. I study Interactive Media Design with a minor in Graphic Design. I’m extremely passionate about the intersection between technology and design and I strive to cultivate a beautiful and creative life.

Living in Chicago has enabled me to really explore and develop my personal style, especially because my university is so integrated into the city and doesn’t have a traditional “campus feel.” Because of this, it isn’t really an option to attend classes wearing sweats; it seems every student at my school takes pride in their own personal style and dresses well each day.

I’m an extremely low-maintenance girl. I love looking at the styles of others and getting inspired, but I very rarely find myself straying from the same comfy clothes that I’ve loved for years. I used to get frustrated with myself because I very rarely branched out from a simple jeans and a T-shirt kind of outfit, but I’ve learned to embrace my love for cozy denim and soft tops. I’ve since developed what I refer to as my “lazy girl-chic” looks—stylish outfits for the fashion-conscious girl who’d rather be wearing pajamas. These looks often include unique graphic T-shirts, ponte pants, worn denim and oversized sweaters. I really enjoy this dichotomy of looking put-together while feeling as cozy as can be.

In this everyday look, I decided to take a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit up a notch, really exploring the contrast between feminine and edgy styles. I opted for these American Eagle Outfitters jeans in a dark wash and this H&M jacket in faux leather. To contrast the masculinity of those pieces and add some softness, I wore my all-time favorite Audrey Hepburn T-shirt (you can find a similar one here), these tortoiseshell sunglasses and some chic black flats. For an added bold statement, I used this Clinique chubby stick lip color, which added some brightness and fun to the entire look. I feel like this entire outfit definitely represents my personal style and who I am as a Fashionista.