STYLE GURU BIO : Lucia Gonzalez

Since I was a child, I have been a fashion enthusiast. One of the happiest moments of the week was when my father brought me fashion magazines on Sunday mornings. At those moments, I knew I was going to spend all day analyzing each set and selecting those that I dreamed of having. Now, a little older, this habit has not changed, but instead has increased, since I discovered fashion blogs.

My name is Lucia. I am a Spanish girl currently experiencing my year abroad at Purdue University. When studying in a foreign country, there are a million of things that impact you and, to me, fashion has been one of them.

I come from a bigger, warmer city in Spain compared to West Lafayette, the campus on which I am located right now. These factors obviously affect people’s daily styles: big coats, scarves and boots. They are a must when living here! As well as the different cultures living on this campus, as an international university, Purdue offers a variety of mixed cultural that go from fashion victims always wearing the latest trends to very sporty and casual outfits. This diversity makes it more interesting for a Style Guru.

When talking about my personal style, I won’t be able to define it in a word. I am a “basics girl”, but I like those basic outfits that stand out and still are able to catch your eye!
Definitely the best thing a woman could do is just mix them all and know how to wear any style—something I find extremely difficult to achieve.

Following this trend about being a “basics girl,” I will explain in detail more about my outfit. I love this kind of flared skirt that can be used no matter what time of day. I combined this with a very simple white button-down with an ethnic and chic touch of elephant print. I’m in love with this trend! Little animal prints could fit on T-shirts or sweatshirts, too.
That’s why I decided that this piece should be the predominant one in the look—keeping everything else in black, but always with a personal touch by adding a combination of little jewelry and a big watch.

I hope my articles inspire and entertain other people as other Style Gurus have inspired me. I couldn’t be more excited to start sharing this incredible experience!