STYLE GURU BIO: London Coleman-Williams

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas! My name is London Coleman-Williams. I’m a graduating senior and strategic communications major, studying at the illustrious Hampton University. I’m in love with all things fashion and pop culture and think every girl should “dress up every day as if she was going to see her worst enemy.” For me, black is the new black. Fall is my favorite season. And I love the details that go into each and every outfit. I’m a big advocate of the quote “if you look good you feel good” and that can all start with your outfit. You should always feel like no one can stop you and that you are thebomb.com, of course.

Originally from Colorado, I am an outdoorsy girl, but my heart beats with the city. My goal is to continue my career in public relations in the city that never sleeps. After all, New York is always a good idea, right? I would love to be in the realm of pop culture and entertainment and even continue to explore public relations as it relates to fashion. My favorite quote is, “I am here to learn. I am here to evolve. I am here to give. I am here to slay,” by Janelle Monae, and I am here to do just that. I’m a spontaneous foodie who loves new experiences and I feel that the perfect heel is the best complement to almost any outfit. If you want more of me please check out my blog Beauty by LondonJhane, for twenty-something Fashionistas making power moves, launching this month!