Hey, I’m Lo!

My fashion beginnings are something of a whirlwind. Just a couple years ago, I was a bold print loving, thrift store hunting, flatform wearing babe that was told she dressed like a Disney Channel character by a fellow classmate. I began blogging about my strange style and soon I found a true passion. By senior year, I had perfected the eyebrow fleek and donned myself “The Turtleneck Queen.” Although I consider my style ever-evolving, for the moment, I will settle on calling myself a refined eclectic.

The look I am wearing incorporates a lot of pieces that I feel embody my style. I searched high and low for this quirky lemon tree swimsuit for the purpose of converting it into a bodysuit. I paired the bodysuit with these distressed boyfriend jeans to juxtapose the femininity of the structured bodysuit. To top it off, I chose to pair my clear glasses with this look because fun frames literally pull an outfit together.

I take a lot of my inspiration from the Spice Girls, the minimalist trend, photographers and streetwear. Some of my favorite fashion icons include YouTubers such as: Cassie and Ricci from Tothe9s, Karen Yeung from IAMKARENO, Jennaly from Jennalyyy and Zolee Griggs. I appreciate that these babes are able to create effortless, clean-cut looks.

Currently, I am studying journalism with a minor in textiles and apparel management at the University of Missouri. In the future, I hope work as a fashion marketing editor for a fashion magazine. My dream is to be sitting front row in a fur coat, faux of course, and a slip dress taking notes.

I consider fashion an art form; something like painting. I imagine the body to be synonymous to a canvas and the clothing to act as the paint. Without further ado, I present to you my art; welcome to my gallery.