May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas! My name is Liz Miao, and this is my first quarter as a Style Guru. I’m a freshman at University of California, Davis, and I’m majoring in Managerial Economics. Although I am not pursuing my love of fashion in my major, I still believe that fashion follows me everywhere and in everything that I do.

I grew up in the Bay Area, where the Northern Californian shores are very accessible. Even though I’m physically much farther from the beach, I still carry my inner beach side with me everywhere. I am obsessed with photography, and I would never show off any pictures that I wasn’t proud of. I think that the ability to capture a person’s personality in their clothes is really remarkable, and I hope that you guys see that in my work!

My style ranges from girly everything to punked out rockstar. I believe that there’s not a set style for anyone because style correlates with the inner mood. Fashion changes the way people perceive us because it’s really hard to mask who we are behind our fashion statements. The way we dress can make a huge impact on our confidence of the day.

I really got into fashion my junior year of high school, when I discovered my love of DIY. I fell in love with making old articles of clothing wearable again. I’m very excited to show you some of my work in my coming posts! For the curious ones who want to see more pictures beyond this blog, I also enjoy sharing my pictures on Instagram. Here’s to a fantastic summer, Fashionistas/os!