STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsey Wehking

May 25th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello, everyone. My Name is Lindsey Wehking and I am a freshman at DePaul University located in the beautiful city of Chicago. I am studying Communications and Hospitality Leadership. With this major, my hope is to one day open and manage my own Boutique hotel.

To start, I want to go back in time to explain where my passion began and how I came to have the honor of writing to fellow Fashionistas/os like you. My obsession with fashion started when my mother dropped me off at dance class around age four. I loved the way the sequins sparkled in the light of the stage. I watched the flow of the tutu as it spun with the dancer. Soon I discovered I wasn’t really into the dancing as much as I was into discovering who had to prettiest and cleanest ballet shoes.

As I grew older, I found my way into fashion by attending local fashion shows and events. In high school, I found myself pushing the limits of fashion and making everyday my own personal runway show. When college came around, I found fashion clubs and organizations on campus which gave me an outlet from school-related stress.

Going to a university in such a thriving and exciting city like Chicago has pushed my fashion sense and has made me step out of my comfort zone. Locals and tourists always inspire me to look at my style and improve upon it. I am inspired by the patterns in store windows and shops. I like to see how people take something so simple and turn it into something exquisite.

My personal style changes day-to-day. Sometimes I wear an army jacket with leather pants and the next day a button-up with a flowery skirt. Everyday, I experiment with different styles. Fashion offers you a chance to pretend for just a moment. I do this because I am still just a little girl who is not done playing dress up.

In the outfit above, I wanted to mix patterns and highlight colors (pink and gray). This is one of my favorite things to do. I kept the accessories simple due to such a bold patterned jacket. Adding a belt always gives an outfit lines and structure.

One of my many quirks is that I am fascinated with history and everything vintage. I love vintage furniture, cars and most of all, everything to do with clothes. There are memories embedded in fashion and I am looking to bring those memories back to our decade.

I am ecstatic at being given the chance to write to creative and intelligent Fashionistas. My hope by the end of my time at CollegeFashionista is to inspire women to not be afraid to take chances. I want fashion to not only to inspire, but also influence people’s lives. Fashion has the ability to tell so much about the individual. Why not make a statement and turn heads on your campus?