STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsay Meyer

When I first started with CollegeFashionista over a year ago, I was convinced that I knew all there was to know about fashion. Always the clothes horse, I knew what was ‘in’ and what what ‘out’, knew what kinds of clothes fit my body and most of all considered myself a good dresser. I didn’t believe I was the next Rachel Zoe or Diane von Furstenberg, but rather aspired to get on their level.

Today, I still believe all of these things but this time I have a different understanding of what it means to be fashionable.

Like any word in our language, the word fashionable is multi-faceted. Most people follow the definition being “of good fashion or appearance; goodlooking or stylish.” This is the generic and often overused definition of the term. More directly, being fashionable also means “capable of being fashioned, shaped or molded.” Being fashionable isn’t obstinate, it’s never final and most importantly, it is impossible to permanently define. Instead, being fashionable is akin to constant evolution of oneself and one’s wardrobe.

Let me be clear, however; channeling this fashion evolution is not about having the most expensive new arrivals. Being fashionable starts with personal style and then evolves from season to season. This change as time goes on is a constant variable. Some people take hints from the runways, others from magazines and some even turn to the street—admiring what other people around them do with their clothing. To be fashionable you have to take risks (which means sometimes looking back on things you’ve worn and cringed…I’m looking at you 2009). But most of all, being fashionable means taking all those wool, chiffon, denim, leather and cashmere garments and making them your own.

For me, I’ve always used my clothing as an extension of my personality. Clothing is personal; it always has been and always will be. Therefore, I dress in ways that make me happy. Some things in my closet are high end, while others are from vintage shops. Whatever I choose to put on, there is always a story behind it. It’s not always about sporting the latest and greatest but taking quality pieces and making them distinctive—my styling mantra. Innovators like Leandra Medine, Cara Delevigne, Nicole Richie and Tavi Gevinson are my inspirations. They not only express themselves through clothes but are constantly evolving what the term fashion means in a fun and vibrant way. My favorite brands vary but I can consistently call brands like VINCE, Theory, alice + olivia and Free People my top contenders.

Although being fashionable can refer to the generic definition, I beg you to take a second look at the word. Being fashionable isn’t one thing, but many. With that, I hope that your 2015 be one filled with taking risks, finding inspiration in every crevice and most of all exploring fresh, innovative ways to wear what makes you happy! I’m thrilled to spend my last semester documenting you, Tulane.