STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsay Kaplan

January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey there Fashionistas/os! I am a student at SUNY Oneonta, with a major in Fashion and Textiles, a concentration in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Business. I’m beyond excited to share my passion and love of fashion as a Style Guru. This is my first semester with the CollegeFashionista team, and I can’t wait to share the trends and street styles there are to be found on Oneonta’s campus.

It wasn’t always apparent that I wanted to study fashion, although my adamancy of wearing a different dress to preschool everyday should have been a clear indication. During my junior year in high school I took a fashion illustration and design class for fun. I was never one to throw on a pair of sweats when going to class. Getting dressed, curling my hair, and putting on the perfect accessories to complete the ensemble became habitual. When the design class began we started with the basic fashion croquis. By the end of the semester the class was translating their designs into a wearable art piece made of recycled matter. I designed a wearable art piece made of solely magazine paper and Post-its. I was amazed at the end result, and at how much I loved the process. Although I quickly came to the realization that sewing machines and hemlines were tedious measures, I developed a love of fashion away from design. It was then that I became engrossed with searching Vogue and any other magazines, for inspiration.

Once I arrived at SUNY Oneonta I was enthused with the fashion classes and opportunities available. I have taken such an eclectic mix of classes, ranging from designing to merchandising, which has helped me to take part in numerous fashion shows. I’m two-and-half-years into my studies of fashion and I couldn’t be happier or more certain that this is the career field I am going to pursue.

To some, fashion may seem meaningless, that clothes are just something you put on. However, even those individuals have a reason for choosing the aesthetics that they do. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the style or maybe it’s the way that little black dress hugs their curves. Whatever the reason, the clothes we wear and how we wear them allows us to show off a little hint of our personalities. This is an idea that I hope to portray in my writings this semester. As I find different trends and styles, I wish to discover a little piece of personality that those looks encompass. I look forward to seeking out unique trends and styles on the SUNY Oneonta campus and displaying them to the CollegeFashionista family. I’m excited to see what this semester’s Fashionistas/os have in store, so stay tuned for my weekly articles coming on Wednesdays this semester.