STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsay Davey

As someone who grew up in sunny Florida, it is an interesting change to move to Kent State University in Ohio for college. Who knew winter was a real season? As a result, my fashion has gone through quite the transformation, and I am certainly not upset about it. Wearing tank tops and shorts year-round does get old after 18 years of doing it; it was time for a change.

Now that I’m home for the summer, I get to incorporate my new fashion sense into my wardrobe while still being practical. I had to leave my sweaters in Ohio, but there’s no way to leave behind what I learned over this past year.

One thing I learned while enduring the coldest winter of my life is this: turtlenecks. Basically anything with a high neck is my favorite, and I am so thankful that the trend is sticking around. Not only do they keep me from turning into a literal ice cube, but I love the way they look on. They seemingly make any look a little more fashion-forward.

In this look, I was able to show my undying love for all things high, mock and turtle neck. This lavender dress from ASOS sports a trendy mock-neck while its faux neoprene fabric and cut-off sleeves make it wearable, even in the extreme heat of a Florida summer.

A garment like this can be dressed up or down with the addition of even one accessory, and I chose to dress it down. I added my vintage, oversized Levi Brand Jean jacket that I scooped up from a garage sale a while back. This doubles as either a sun shield or a nice addition to the look once the sun has gone down.

I threw on some of my favorite booties, which are actually from Target, and a few of my favorite earrings. With this look I could enjoy a day with friends or family with both comfort and absolute style at the same time.

As I begin my adventure as a Style Guru this summer and possibly beyond, I look forward to learning even more about trends throughout the nation and even the world that I can soon incorporate into my personal style.