STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsay Davey

January 23rd, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsay Davey

Hello, friends! My name is Lindsay and this is my third semester as a Style Guru. I’m a sophomore at Kent State University, studying fashion design. I’m eager to begin this new year and experience all the life and fashion that it has in store. I know this year I will have lots of opportunities to pursue my passion much more, including through CollegeFashionista.

I’m obsessed with all black outfits. Something about it just makes the whole look very chic and sophisticated. When I imagine that idealistic city look, I always picture a black-on-black wardrobe, probably with a coffee in hand. Oddly enough, though, I’m almost always afraid to rock them. That’s something I plan to change in 2017, beginning with this outfit.

With this outfit, I am able to enjoy wearing monochrome while still completely feeling like myself. I am combining a number of my most signature pieces as well as some new.

If you ever see me around, there is a high chance I will be wearing black jeans. I love the way they look with everything. I recently found this pair of black, high-waisted Levi’s and had to snatch them up. Another item I’m almost always rocking is black boots.  These booties from Forever 21 are some of my absolute favorites. It seems like I do wear black a lot, but pairing these with a black top is unusual for me. I think this top is a lot of fun because I can’t overlook the Western influence, though it’s so subtle. I consider myself a city girl, so I think the contradiction is really appealing to me.

There are some new things that spice up this look for me, including this grey purse. I think it adds just enough color to break up the solidity of the look. Similarly, I gave this dark lipstick a try to compliment my new bangs (which I’m pretty excited about).

This year has a lot to look forward to, I’m sure of it. I hope to see a lot of familiar faces here on CollegeFashionista this semester!