STYLE GURU BIO: Lianne Galante

I was born and raised in New Jersey, about 45 minutes from Manhattan. Going to school in the middle of Pennsylvania has definitely impacted my fashion sense, forcing me to look for warm clothing that still looks cute and stylish. I have a pretty classic style and my wardrobe is a mostly neutral palette; a lot of black and gray. As a student, I mostly wear leggings and a vest to class during the week, but on the weekend, when I go out, I love to wear one of my leather skirts with over-the-knee socks and a cute top.

My favorite accessory this season is my heeled combat booties. They give my short stature some height and are super cute. To accessorize on the daily, I love to layer necklaces. The two necklaces I wear every day are my evil eye necklace from Kendra Scott, a birthday gift from my mom, and an L necklace from South Moon Under that my big got me. Both of these necklaces have a lot of meaning to me and I usually pair them with a third longer necklace, like the South Moon Under necklace I’m wearing here. When I wear jewelry I prefer it to have some sort of significance or a back-story, like this bracelet I got in Barcelona when I studied abroad there over the summer. Not pictured: one of my favorite pieces of jewelry of late, which is a silver bangle bracelet I got for the holidays from one of my good friends and sorority sisters, Sami. The bracelet says “well-behaved women rarely make history,” and it always makes me smile when I look down at it.