Hi! My name is Leyan Xu, majoring in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This summer, I’m extremely thrilled to join CollegeFashionista and to start my adventures of being a STYLE GURU. Follow me and let’s explore this interesting world of fashion and style together.

Fashion is what we wear, what we hear, what we eat, where we go and who we hang out with. Fashion is an unique way of how we can express ourselves; it can be done through our wardrobe, our makeup and our confidence. For me personally, I love traveling. My biggest inspiration of fashion comes from it. Since elementary school, I have been to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, HongKong, Canada, Spain, France, Ireland, Germany and even the Arctic Circle. Also, as an international student from China studying in the U.S., this studying abroad experience adds more inspiration to my understanding of fashion all over the world. This summer, I am going to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I will be studying black and white photography and sculpture. Traveling to different countries and exposing myself in a variety of fashion cultures, I gradually have developed my own style. I love the beautiful prints from the Byzantine time in Dolce&Gabbana’s designs. I’m also obsessed with the simplicity and the ideas of sportswear in Alexander Wang’s collections. I would love to share my personal styles and learn more about college fashion through CollegeFashionista.

In my bio pictures, I was in one of the most gorgeous cities, where my university is located in, Madison, Wisconsin. They were taken by the Mendota lake, right outside our college library. I love black and white. This combination always reminds me of simplicity and calm. I got this snow white shirt from a thrift store. I have a huge collection of white T-shirts. They are easy to wear and to match with my outfits. The midi skirt is from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I don’t usually wear skirts, but I like this midi skirt for its sporty and flexible look. However, white and black exclusively would only make you feel depressed in this nice weather. Therefore, I tied a red scarf from Alexander McQueen around my waist to make my whole outfit pop up.