Welcome Fashionistas!

In my last bio, you found me at my early stages in my first semester as a Style Guru. Now, as a second semester intern I have found myself more prepared and integrated in the industry than ever. Although I have always been an artist and fashion lover by nature, my experience with CollegeFashionista has further expanded my love and insight for the industry. Aside from writing articles, with the push from CollegeFashionista, I’ve joined many fashion related organizations and programs including Rip or Rave, a fashion critic show where I hold the position of public relations chair. Currently, I am a sophomore at Ball State University studying public relations and fashion. Both, I am passionately invested in.

I view fashion as not only a reflection of society as a whole, but also an essential element of self expression that encompasses many elements including art, history and science. Fashion is more than a decoration for an individual, it speaks on a deeper level.

As previously mentioned my enthusiasm for being an artist aids to my love for fashion. I try to relay that in my looks by mixing different colors, textures, and forms. Aside from focusing on those elements, I would say my style is ever changing. One day I will wear a big pink fur coat and the next day I will be spotted rocking a comic book graphic tee.

Today I decided to go for a little careless chic. The persona of this outfit resembles a trendy girl that is out on the town for brunch with friends at a hipster café. My favorite piece of this look is probably the strapless, cream textured top. This top pulls the look together and gives a freshness, while still being interesting. I decided to style the top with a pair of baggy, cuffed boyfriend jeans which add some texture and ruggedness against the smooth trench and top. I threw on white wedges, a lightweight trench coat, some red lipstick and voilà.