STYLE GURU BIO: Lesia Sisung

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Welcome back fellow Fashionsitas/os!  I am thrilled to be able to be a Style Guru for the third time in a row!  After participating over the summer and this past fall, I have learned so much about myself and my capabilities with blogging. I continuously love finding outfits that stand out to me and writing up something that the everyday person is able to relate to. Fashion is a fast changing business where finding ways to incorporate the hottest trends can be hard, but when provided with unique inspirations, it makes it all that much easier.

Winter is now upon us, even though lately is does not seem like it.  This year’s abnormally warm temperatures make dressing the part so hard. Some days, it can be really cold and others it can be in the 60s…crazy! Usually during the winter, I can be found wearing either black or dark colored pieces.  Here, I am wearing black skinny jeans with a black long sleeve shirt underneath my faux fur vest.  The holiday season is a time for festivities and celebrations; What better way to get into the holiday spirit? I finished off the outfit with black leather heeled boots and gold jewelry to add a little something extra. My neon yellow earrings also give off an edgier vibe to my outfit.  Everything comes together nicely to create a unique, monochromatic look, allowing the fur vest to be the focal point of the outfit.

Now that the winter season has officially begun, make sure to stay tuned for more awesome, unique styles! Jackets, boots and scarves are just a few of the things I am excited for and cannot wait to start wearing. Be sure to follow me as I try and find RAD styles out and about that I know will be on point with the trends. I am excited to see what the winter and spring seasons have in store for all Fashionsitas/os out there!