STYLE GURU BIO: Lena Maratea

Greetings Fashionistas/os! My name is Lena Maratea and I am marketing major/ MIS minor in Temple Fox School of Business. I am eager to begin delivering weekly street style fashion through CollegeFashionista from Temple University in Philadelphia.

My interest in fashion started with my art classes throughout elementary school and four years of studio art in high school. I realized I did not want to simply paint pictures anymore but rather utilize my creativity and love for art in a fashion aspect, which focused more on my personal style.

As a recent transfer to Temple University, my college career hasn’t been quite typical. I have been a part time student and part time employee at a hotel since the beginning of college. What I love about commuting to school is the freedom I have day to day. While I’m not working or attending classes, my puppy, Gizmo, and I are exploring Philadelphia. You can find me in T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington or even thrift stores on the daily. Aside from my excursions to find statement pieces at a great price, another important interest of mine is urban gardening. Living in a city full of concrete, nature is always hidden. Stilettos, a fur vest and red lipstick in front of an abandoned house with English ivy creeping up the side illustrate what my favorite fashion photograph resembles. I love the idea of living in a glamorous city while incorporating the importance of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Although my wardrobe is a melting pot of many looks, my style is very much inspired by nature. In my clothing I opt for neutral, earth-like colors, as they are versatile and give a minimalistic look. I then use accessories and makeup to give a nice pop such as a leopard clutch or bright red lipstick. I like to call my style a mixture of “urban glamour.” I look forward to acquiring inspiration from my peers on campus and hope that through my photographs you can see the beauty of nature in an urban setting.