STYLE GURU BIO: Leksey Maltzman

Hi there Fashionistas! My name is Leksey Maltzman and I’m super excited for my first semester as a Style Guru. I am a rising senior (silently weeping) at Ithaca College, but am spending my summer in my hometown right outside of Philadelphia. My major is integrated marketing communication and my minor is art history.

Fashion and personal style have always been parts of my life, even if my fashion choices weren’t always the best—cringe flashback to metallic pink cargo pants. I like mixing up my style with bold pieces that someone else may be too afraid to wear. My favorite bold fashion piece that I regularly wear is my American Apparel Disco Pants because they make me feel like Sandy from Grease. I like to dress them down for class or up for going out with friends.

I found my love and inspiration for disco pants and other bold style choices from watching YouTube. I adore fashion vloggers like Zoella, Jenn Im, HeyClaire and Samantha Maria. Their bold fashion choices inspire me to take my own risks and feel confident in exploring my personal style. Studying abroad in London this past semester provided me with a totally different world of fashion inspiration. Admiring and even photographing commuters’ outfits on the Tube was a part of my daily life and I miss getting fashion inspiration everywhere I looked.

My style is ever evolving; as I get older I can see my style becoming more refined. Currently, I would describe my style as classic with a modern urban edge. The outfit I am wearing here is what I wore to my internship today. Usually I stick to neutrals, but I decided to step away from black and wear this oxblood red dress. I love my classic Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag that goes with everything! My favorite part of this outfit is the shoe! These Aldo chunky sandals are the biggest bargain I’ve ever found. They retailed for $120, but I found them at a Plato’s Closet for just eight dollars! What a steal!

I am looking forward to sharing more #RAD looks with you all this summer!