STYLE GURU BIO: Leanne Fitzgerald

Hey everyone! I’m Leanne Fitzgerald, a fashion business management student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Fashion is something that I’ve come to love throughout my life, as it became my primary form of expression. I realized that through clothes and overall style, I was able to tell a story to the world—a story of who I was, what I wanted to say that day, what mood I was in, and what I wanted to represent. For the most part, my general style is one that embodies a bohemian flare, with my own take on the trends from the ‘70s. I also like to incorporate some more edgy elements to represent my free-spirited, urban personality.

As I approach my fourth semester of college, I have come to realize just how fast life can fly by. With thoughts of the future consistently wrapping around my head, I’ve truly been taking into consideration what it is that I want to take from my education. Overall, I want to help people in life, and although fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of altruism, I truly believe that it is something that is needed within this world. I’m an avid believer in, “when you look good, you feel good,” and that’s exactly what fashion should be about; making everyone feel good about him or herself. Fashion is not just for models, or even celebrities, fashion is for everyone, and is something that everyone deserves to be apart of. Everyone deserves to feel good every day, so good that they feel like they can accomplish almost anything.

This look in particular was inspired by the chilly New York holiday season. I personally feel most comfortable in dresses and skirts, so that tends to be my go-to pieces. Whether I dress them up or down, they are usually great for almost anything I have planned for the day; from school, to work, to hanging out with friends or simply walking around the streets of my favorite city. I tend to go for an all-neutral look with many colorful accessories. This allows me to not only enlarge my closet by having so many different ways to wear all of my basic pieces, but it is also an easy way to express myself in different ways everyday. Here I paired this tribal printed skirt with a simple black ribbed turtleneck. I added these printed tights to keep some interest amongst all of the different textures, along with my favorite pair of black leather booties. The maroon scarf is not only a great pop of color against the black, but the knitted material adds warmth to the look. Lastly, I kept my hair sleek and straight, and added a berry lip to bring out the color from the scarf, whilst adding a little warmth to my face.

Fashion is something that I am truly passionate about, and I cannot wait to share yet another season with you!