Hello to my fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Leah Volpe and I am a freshmen at Towson University. I am studying mass communications with a track in journalism and new media. The one thing I am most passionate about besides writing is fashion. It is one of the biggest aspects of my life and I am so excited to be combining the two of my passions together this semester! After college, I hope to continue my dream of being a fashion journalist.

Since freshmen year of high school, my fashion tastes and styles have been jumping all over the place, from preppy to street to boho. All four years of my high school experience were spent wearing a uniform so all of my experimentation with fashion had to happen outside of the classroom environment, which was a good thing in my opinion because I was able to find my own way with fashion. By senior year of high school I was at a point where I was completely comfortable with my fashion tastes—nothing to risky or out of control. However, as I prepare for my sophomore year of college this fall, I find myself interested in clothing styles and choices that I never would’ve picked before. College truly is about experimentation and I have learned that I do not need to label my style or conform to a certain category. I love having a variety of clothing in my closet and I enjoy trying new things that may be out of the ordinary.

While I do have a vast collection of different styles in my wardrobe, the one thing I can always be found wearing, especially during these hot summer months in Maryland, is a romper. I absolutely love how rompers can be worn for any occasion. Dressed down with a pair of sandals for a day spent outside or dressed up for a night out with a couple Alex and Ani bracelets and a pair of wedges. Rompers come in all styles, solid colors, florals and different prints. There really are no limitations. I am wearing a simple nude romper with black sandals for a casual look. It is completely effortless and easy to get this look and it will be one of my go-to outfits for the summer of 2016.

I am very excited to start my CollegeFashionista journey this summer and can’t wait to see what opportunities this will bring!