As my second year at Towson University begins, as well as my second semester with CollegeFashionista. I am so excited to see the fashion trends that have translated from the runway onto my campus. The diverse fashion community I am surrounded by at school makes my internship and writing articles very easy.

Growing up with a brother, I never had any sisters to look to for fashion advice. That is probably the reason I have such a wide range of tastes when it comes to the clothes I wear. When I was younger, I went from TOTAL tomboy to complete girly-girl. Today my style is somewhere in between the two. My favorite part about having this passion for fashion is the aspect of experimentation. I really believe fashion isn’t about pinpointing your specific style and sticking to it forever. Its about putting yourself out there to the world and expressing who you are.

I have always had a very simple wardrobe for everyday activities sticking to the basics of pieces that are white, grey or black. I keep my “eccentric” pieces, as my friends would say, for when I am going out in the evening for dinner or an event. This look is something that I would typically wear if I am going to class or for a day out exploring the campus. What I like most about this t-shirt dress is the fact that it is not only simple and chic, but comfortable. Comfort is one of my biggest deciding factors when choosing a piece for school. This casual outfit is easily dressed up by changing from sneakers to wedges for night life and spicing it up with accessories like a simple black choker. The easiest way to tie together an outfit like this is sporting a handbag, large or small. The simplicity of this outfit makes it a must-have in my wardrobe and it looks completely effortless.

I am so excited to see what the fall 2016 semester at CollegeFashionista has in store for me. Adios Fashionistas/os!