STYLE GURU BIO: Laurise McMillian

STYLE GURU BIO: Laurise McMillian

I’m writing this post with a bittersweet feeling in my gut because after four semesters of working with CollegeFashionista, this is my very last Style Guru Bio ever. Yes, I am graduating in December (finally). I’m excited to end this thing with a bang, but first let me tell you guys what’s new with me:

My name is Laurise McMillian, and I’m a senior at the University of Baltimore. I’m a digital communications major, and that means I’ve learned the ins and outs of pretty much every form of media production. The program prepares all of us to write, design graphics, produce video and audio and even build websites, but my focus is in writing for electronic media.

During my college career I’ve toggled between web editorial and social media work. I’m currently a remote freelance writer for ELLE.com, and an app curator for the Bustle app —it’s really chill to work from home, and it beats the fast food business, for sure.

When I’m not working at ELLE or Bustle, I really enjoy the music scene. This summer I interned with Urban Outfitters Music as the content and social intern. I’m always listening to new music and going to live shows or festivals. I’m hoping to do some small concert photography and social media live coverage stuff for the UO Music Instagram this semester, too. I also really enjoy being active. I practice pilates everyday, and I’m committing to my first month-long barre program at a studio near campus!

While I’ll probably end up living in work out capris and slides, I feel my style gradually becoming more bohemian. Maybe it’s because I’ve been exposed to so much of Free People’s style this summer (they’re on the same office campus as Urban Outfitters), but these days I’m always in something with some sort of flare or bell sleeve. With that being said, you’ll still catch me in an edgy pair of booties— that won’t ever change, and neither will my love for cross-body bags.

This semester is extremely important because it’s sort of my last chance to dot my I’s and cross my T’s before moving into true adulthood. I’m hoping to learn more about my personal style, and who I am as an individual. I’m completely terrified, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for it all.