STYLE GURU BIO: Lauren Vecchio

January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Lauren Vecchio

Hello my dear friends! So we meet again! Thank you for kicking off yet another semester with me! This is my third semester as a Style Guru, but for those who don’t know me, my name is Lauren Vecchio and I’m currently a sophomore at Marist College. Despite being amidst a quarter life crisis in which I’m questioning my career aspirations and subsequently my major and minors, for now, I’m a marketing major with minors in fashion merchandising and psychology (stay tuned though).

Now that the formalities are over with, and we’ve all cried about our quarter life crises, let’s talk about the fun stuff! Among the various shenanigans I partake in, I thoroughly enjoy going on super slow paced runs in scenic areas, and being on the board of Marist’s FEMME club, Italian American Society, and Emerging Leaders Program! I’m an avid Ted Talk watcher, I love going to beach to watch the sunset at any time of the year, and studying human behavior kinda thrills me. Nutella constitutes about 85 percent of my diet, and is most likely flowing through my bloodstream as we speak. Jazz music is my go to when I have to get stuff done, but I love playing non-jazz music on the piano when I get a chance to escape to a piano room at school!

Fashion is also a love of mine (surprise, surprise, I know). I’ve always been captivated by fashion because it’s such an important part of culture everywhere, and it’s a medium for anyone to express him or herself! The way people dress offers a plethora of information about them! Although I enjoy taking risks with what I wear, the outfit that I’m wearing exemplifies my tendency to play it a little safe with color. I love simply wearing black and white…or just all black! While some may say I resort to wearing black too much, I disagree, there’s really no such thing! I’m also a firm believer that you can get away with not wearing pants even in the winter. For this reason, I love midi skirts, a recent trend that I hope stays for a while. In this look, I’m wearing a black and white plaid midi skirt with leather peep toe booties. I’m also wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket (a staple piece that I think everyone needs!). And of course no outfit of mine would be complete without some jewelry!

Well, I hope I haven’t scared you away now that I’ve divulged all of my deepest darkest secrets. I can’t wait to continue sharing my explorations in the crazy world of fashion this semester! Cheers to #anothaone.