January 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hi, I’m Lauren. I study Journalism at Indiana University’s Bloomington campus, with a second concentration in Spanish. While I was conquering the streets of Seville, Spain last semester, I am extremely excited to return to my fellow Hoosiers for the spring. They say that the third time’s a charm, so semester number three with CollegeFashionista should be a winner

I am an adamant list maker, adequate pancake chef and therapeutic crafter. My addiction to travel has only increased with the passing years, and my current mission is to cross the two remaining continents off of my list: South America and Antarctica. An ideal day is a cozy afternoon in with snow on the ground, brunch with friends, a hot cup of coffee, Frank Sinatra tunes playing in the background and a pair of fuzzy socks. I think handwritten letters are one of the best things you can ever receive and that positivity is something the world could use more of. In addition to frequently reworking my closet and analyzing the outfit choices around campus, I love to hike, ski, sing, dance, run and make new friends. Let’s chat sometime.

In the spirit of New Year’s Eve, where we plan weeks in advance to don our best, this look was inspired by the upcoming holiday. I firmly believe that you can never go wrong with black. This ’80s-esque top was snatched from Cure Thrift Shop on East 12th Street in New York City, and the boots once served as part of an Ariana Grande costume, as I take costume parties very seriously. The large heels also give some height to my otherwise 5’1″ self. I believe red lips with black ensembles are like peanut butter with jelly: timeless. The gold necklace brings out the gold specks in the top, and straight hair maintains the sleek vibe.

Fashion has always served as an outlet for me to experiment with my creativity. Cheetah print has been my staple item for as long as I can remember and fuels my everlasting dream to become a Cheetah Girl (still waiting on my call for the fourth movie). I’m always open to adding another new shade to my constantly evolving ombré, and was once told that my hair makes up 90 percent of me. My next goal is to write a manual on how to perfect a cat eye, as I’ve been practicing for years.

As we venture into the new year, I hope that you will not only challenge yourself in your personal style, but every aspect of your life. I am looking forward to bringing you style inspiration and advice, and would love to hear about what inspires you!

Strut like you mean it, and here’s to a stylish spring.