STYLE GURU BIO: Lauren Herwig

I feel very conflicted most of the time when people ask me what style I typically wear. I would say bohemian, but I tend to wear a lot of minimalism outfits and sometimes even grunge. Every outfit I wear depends on my mood and how I am feeling. I think that’s how a lot of people should dress. Clothing to me is a way of self-expression. It’s based off of the art of the design and the personality of how you wear it. For myself I think that blurring the lines of fashion styles is a great way to create an identity. What I mean by that is you have a presence and everyone you’re around can tell that it’s you. You aren’t hiding behind your clothes, your personality is showing through them. I think that it’s important that you find an identity for yourself that is original and authentic.

When I’m getting dressed for class I typically will wear something comfortable instead of couture because you have to be practical. You aren’t going to be walking around campus in six-inch-heels. But you could probably manage walking around in a three inch heel! It’s all about finding a balance that allows you to feel confident in your outfit choice.

I am very excited to bring something new to CollegeFashionista. Don’t be afraid to mix trends. This should be a fun semester Let’s keep it RAD!

My look above is a mixture of styles. I would consider this outfit a transition look from spring to summer. We are seeing a lot of stripes for the summer. Also, lace-up boots are a major must-have! Want to get my look? You can find the striped long-sleeve shirt like the one I’m wearing at H&M. The shorts can be found at Forever 21. Lastly, the lace-up boots can be found also at Forever 21. Happy shopping!