STYLE GURU BIO: Lauren Hauger

Hello Fashionistas! Allow me to reintroduce myself; my name is Lauren Hauger. I attend the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and I am studying Textiles Merchandising and Fashion Design with a minor in Business. This summer will mark my second semester with CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru. I cannot express how excited I am to be back with the team and to share more posts with you.

College has played a huge role in allowing me to grow as a person and a Fashionista.The last three years have been filled with indecisiveness, bargain hunting, risk- taking and fashion faux pas in hopes to define my personal style. Don’t get me wrong; there have been fabulous fashionable moments as well. What’s a little risk without a reward? Through all of this, I have learned that style cannot be defined and it changes by the day. I believe this is what makes fashion so great.

You can dress according to your mood based off of the message you’re trying send to society, or you may not even give a care about what you’re throwing on and that’s okay! I truly believe we are in an age of fashion where anything goes. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you feel confident in your own skin. Style is the ultimate form of self-expression without having to say a word. With that said, I’ve decided to start following my instincts and dress in whatever makes me feel like a rockstar.

As for my current look, I paired a blue romper with a bomber jacket, backpack and heels. To create this look, I started with the romper. One thing you should know about my summer style is that I’m obsessed with rompers. I think they’re the perfect combination of dressy and casual. I also love that they can be a fun statement piece. The color initially attracted me to this romper and to add a little warmth, I added this awesome bomber jacket. I like that adding a jacket can completely transform a look.

I chose tan colors for accessories because I knew they would complement my blue romper. My bag was given to me by my grandma, which I love because it makes this look more personal. As for my shoes, they are from Charming Charlie where I work as a style specialist.If you’re a shorter gal like myself, a tan heel is an easy way to elongate your legs. You’ll be able to rock these shoes all summer long.

I am so excited for this summer as a Style Guru. Be sure to follow my social media accounts to stay updated with my posts and so many more fun things from CollegeFashionista. As always, thank you for reading!