STYLE GURU BIO: Lauren Berry

I’ve spent the past 19 years either thinking I was in the ’70s or trying desperately to recreate it. My childhood was a Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run” vinyl spinning around and praying that it would never end. I belong on the Almost Famous tour bus singing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.”

The music of the ’70s was always a huge part of my life as was the fashion. From Ali MacGraw to Stevie Nicks, to the high-waisted denim flares and high boots, I loved it all. I still love it all. I love the boho-chicness to it. The “I just got back from the beach, and I look good” look. The effortless and classy look of throwing on a big sweater or wearing a tie like Annie Hall is the fashion I have always been a junkie for.

I later fell in love with street style. It exploded when I moved from Dallas to Memphis to attend the University of Memphis, and I continue to admire it. I look up to people when they have confidence to wear what they love and rock it while going to work or to coffee with friends. Fashion knows no boundaries. You are free.

For the past three years, I have written news stories and would find myself dreaming of writing about fashion. I was constantly reading fashion articles and wishing that I could dip my toes into writing about it. As a child, I was so excited to receive my Glamour magazine in the mail. I would obsess over the cover stories, the designers and, of course, the clothes that I couldn’t afford. It was an escape to a place I had never been, to a life I had never been exposed to.

I’m excited to begin this journey and write about something I care so much about. Here’s to an exciting new year!