STYLE GURU BIO: Laurel Green

Hi! I’m Laurel and I go to Boston University. I am a communication studies major with a minor in sociology. I love people if you can’t already tell! Living in Boston has provided me with the best fashion influence—it’s the home of prep after all. So a little about myself: The Bachelor gives me my Monday joy, I’m a self- proclaimed yogi, cute coffee shops are just about the only place I can be productive, and my favorite color is purple. I grew up in California and it was not for me. I am an East Coast transplant at heart. I fell for the fall, and winter is a winner in my book. When I’m not watching food videos, I’m obsessively online shopping. If I could give one piece of advice I would say work retail for the discounts, it makes everyday bearable if you can spend your paycheck on clothes you love. Okay now for a real piece of advice: I know we all read these fashion blogs for inspiration and I do it all the time, but finding your personal style is not just clothes, but life, too, is the absolute best form of self-expression.

Now I’ll tell you all a little bit about my style. I love a bit of prep and never turn down a good stripe. I’m about as girly as it gets without living and breathing pink. I try to add a little edge sometimes but am a firm believer in trying to be a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. Chic and simple never fails. Turtlenecks are one of my absolute favorite things to wear. I believe in the rule that a third piece elevates an outfit in the easiest way. The shoes you need are a black pump, an ankle bootie, a good transformative day to night flat, and a fun heel or boot when you need to spice things up. A good way to always looked polished is to wear something on your nails—you instantly look like you’re put together even if you slept in that messy bun (we’ve all been there).  A piece of fashion advice I tell everyone is that if you want to look chic you need to tailor your clothes, and it will transform your look.

So that’s about it for me and what I live by. I do switch things up like when I wear all black and an embroidered scarf in the pictures above! To me, rain boots add instant style to a look, but I still only wear them when it’s actually raining! A tip for finding a scarf that can be dressed up or down would be to look for something with details and colors the can go with a lot. I got mine at Free People and it’s lasted me about three years now.